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Synergenex Ephedrine HCL 8mg

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Synergenex Ephedrine HCL 50 Caps

Do you want to keep fit and healthy? Look attractively and even chic? Always be in high spirits? Amaze all your friends and beloved? And in the end solve the problem of overweight, irritating you for many years?! One of the most popular and effective ways to do it is Synergenex ephedrine, helping to burn your fat in any zones. Now you will probably ask in what way it works to do this task? The point is that Synergenex ephedrine strongly affects the central nervous system of a man being a well-known stimulant. In many counties ephedrine is frequently used for cold and flu treatment, as well as to pure asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and allergies. The main function of Synergenex ephedrine is its increasing of one's metabolism, thus it's constantly burning "food energy" during the day and all this leads to killing overweight. In most cases this product is used to get rid of a large amount of calories, but sometimes it's used for other conditions, determined by GP.
Synergenex ephedrine contains 8 mg capsules of pure ephedrine, having no additional components, such as guaifenesin. 8 mg dose is optimal for those who are going to start the overweighting program. Now this medicine can be bought in larger quantities- twelve, five bottles, and in smaller ones- three or one bottle, so you have a nice opportunity to choose the most convenient amount for yourself.

It's recommended to begin taking ephedrine in small doses in order to see its influence on your organism, as every person reacts on it individually. If you don't have any negative reaction, you may use this product for about three weeks not exceeding 4 caps a day. The best dose for the new comers is 1-2 pills daily. It's important to make a break in the course for several weeks to make Synergenex ephedrine work more efficiently and not become addictive to this product. You should clearly understand that this strong stimulant affects the function of the whole body, resulting in different physiological changes. Losing weight in a short period of time is a great stress for any person, as organism spends food energy in a rapid way, thus speeding up the heart rate and the blood going faster. Always remember to eat enough, drinking a large amount of water. It would be more effective if you eat nutritious products with lots of fruit, vegetables, cereals and vitamins, as it will help you get an amazing result.

Attention! This product is always forbidden for pregnant women and the lactation period and also for kids less than 18 years. It's not recommended to take Synergenex ephedrine with other stimulant products. Note! Never use ephedrine if you are allergic to this medicine, you are taking MAO inhibitor; you have the history of heart problems, thyroid disease, high blood pressure or anxiety. One must also consult with a doctor, if you are taking any kind of medicine; have allergy, glaucoma, diabetes or other chronic diseases. Remember! Never over-dose Synergenex ephedrine, as it can lead to heart attack, stroke or other harmful side-effects. When having any health complaints stop Synergenex ephedrine program and immediately consult a GP.

Synergenex ephedrine will help to present you the best results in coping with the problem of over-weight! Don't lose your chance to become more attractive and sexappealing! Get the perfect shape you are dreaming about!