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Picolinate Chromium

Most often present as chromium picolinate, it has been promoted to boost lean mass and and burn fat. Statudies show that Chromium Picolinate is useful for helping to suppress appetiteand it is recently concluded that supplementing with 200 to 400 micrograms of chromium picolinate could result in about a 2.5-pound weight loss per week in some people. Other studies have found a loss of body fat and an increase in muscle tissue, with no change in weight. Still others have found no effect at all. Though some laboratory studies have raised safety issues, a large number of human studies suggest it is safe.

Ephedra Products containing Picolinate Chromium

Hydroxytrol Hydroxytrol ephedra diet pill is made with the same key ingredients that were used in the original Hydroxycut with ephedra...
$59.99, 2/$57.49 Hydroxytrol
Metabothin Metabothin is an herbal formula designed for optimal diet & energy. This proven formulation consists of high quality, natural herbs grown worldwide. Most importantly, Metabothin contains Active Ephedra Alkaloids (from Ma Huang), and Caffeine (from Guarana). Ginseng, Bee pollen and Royal Jelly may be among the reasons why Metabothin is so energizing...
$59.99, 2/$54.99 (per item), 3/$50.00 (per item) Metabothin
Ripped Power Ripped Power will help you get that Ripped look you've been looking for. Ripped Power's potent Ephedra based fat burning combination contains L-Carnitine to help you body convert fat to energy and chromium picolinate to help with the metabolism of sugar. It also contains Chromium Picolinate which enables insulin to function normally and helps the body process (metabolize) carbohydrates and fats. Ripped Power brings back the famous Ephedra formulation that helped thousands achieve that ripped look in the gym...
$69.99, 2/$64.99 (per item) Ripped Power
Xlean Xlean contains Ephedra also known as Ma-Huang. Ephedra which has been key herbal component of ancient Chinese medicine and has been used for 5000 years to help the body by promoting energy and health...
$99.95 Xlean