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Today lots of people worldwide suffer from over-weighting. Millions of adults do their best to get rid of unwanted kilos, wanting to feel healthy and look attractively. If you dream to have a perfect shape, this information is right for you!
For many years various pharmaceutical manufacturers produced different herbal supplement products, containing Ephedra or Ephedrine alkaloids, which were said to be sufficient in losing weight. Today such products as Yellow-swarm, one of the most well-known fat-burner, is not available, its production was stopped. Herbal ephedra (ma huang in Chinese) is used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of asthma and hay fever. Being a strong stimulant, it constricts blood vessels, in such a way it increases blood pressure and heart rate. As the diet pills, containing Ephedra, have led to a certain chain of serious side effects, today they are not produced any more.

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But there exist various other effective products, containing ephedrine and helping in losing weight. What is ephedrine? What is its difference from Herbal ephedra?
Ephedrine is the most potent alkaloid of the plant Herbal ephedra, being its most active constituent of the plant Herbal ephedra. In most species of Herbal ephedra Ephedrine constitutes 40–90% of its alkaloid content. Ephedrine is used to treat low blood pressure, as well to treat asthma. There exists also ephedrine HCL (chemically made substance), which increases the metabolism of the body, giving it much energy and suppressing appetite. This is widely used for treatment of fever, asthma and other diseases, as well for losing weight. Using Ephedrine, ephedrine HCL is absolutely legal. As any strong medicine, ephedrine HCL can have serious side effects, influencing a man's health. Its over-dosed or incorrect usage, especially as diet pills, can lead to high blood pressure, such problems as insomnia, heart complications, nervousness and other health complications.
The effective alternative to theprevious medicines is E/C/A Stack, used to control the appetite and burn unwanted fat. What is E/C/A Stack? E/C/A Stack contains three main ingredients of this medicine - ephedrine, caffeine and coated aspirin. In what way do they work? The majority of doctors state that it's not recommended to include aspirin in E/C/A Stack, but you can replace it with baby aspirin (81mg). Some time before ephedra supplements contained 325mg aspirin, that means that with 3 doses a man got about 1000 mg of aspirin every day, which can be dangerous for one's health. By the way, it's medically proved that diet pills containing only ephedrine and caffeine are more effective than those with aspirin.

It's possible also to make E/C/A Stack at home, buying ephedrine 8mg, used for example for asthma treatment, and coated aspirin in any drugstore. Caffeine can be bought in any store. Taking these ingredients every day will help you reach perfect results in over-weight struggle. What is a proper dosage of E/C/A Stack program?

  • For the first day you take one 8 mg ephedrine HCL pill and 0,5 pill of caffeine (a caffeine tablet is 200 mg). You must be sure that your body will have no sensitive reactions on ephedrine.
  • The second and third day you take one 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 0,5 pill of caffeine 3 times a day, but at least 4 hours apart. Don't forget to take the last dose no less than 6 hours before going to bed.
  • From the forth to the sixth day you take two 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine, than one 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 0,5 pill of caffeine two times a day.
  • From the seventh to the ninth day you take two 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine twice a day, than one 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 0,5 pill of caffeine.
  • From the tenth to the eleventh day you take two 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine three times a day.
  • From the twelfth to the fourteenth day you take three 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine two times a day, than two 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine once.
  • From the fifteenth day and onward you may take three 8 mg ephedrine HCL and 1 pill of caffeine three times a day.
    If you have some problems with sleep, take better only 2 doses a day, and take the last dose no less than 6 hours before going to bed.

General recommendations

One must start only with small dosage of E/C/A during the first week to see if you are ready for these pills. If everything is in norm, you can prolong taking these ingredients for two-three weeks. Don't forget to make a break after 4 weeks of taking for at least for 2 weeks in order not to get the dependence on E/C/A Stack ingredients.
It's evident, that ready supplements are more effective than self-made due to additional of ingredients of diet pills. One should be clear that when your body metabolism goes faster and you lose appetite, it will influence all body systems. Taking diet pills will result in different physiological changes. You should give your organism enough food (dieting is not starving!) and especially water (but no tea, coffee, cola or other products containing caffeine). Caffeine can cause discomfort of bladder and if you have it don't take caffeine for two days. If it doesn't work you must cut the dose in half. You can exercise a bit every day, but do it carefully as E/C/A Stack ingredients raise your heart rate. It's better to eat small meals, containing about 200 calories, such as cereals with milk, whey shakes, fruits and vegetables. All this will help your body get the most successful results. Remember! If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, diabetes, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, taking MAO inhibitors, severe anxiety, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, sensitive to caffeine, peptic ulcer, thyroid disease, stroke, psychiatric disorders, angina, depression or nervous system disturbance, or any chronic diseases, or prescription medications you must consult with a physician before the first take of any product, containing Ephedrine. The products with ephedrine must be forbidden for pregnant women and the period of lactation and also for children less than 18 years of age. Over-dosed and non-observed taking of E/C/A Stack can lead to severe side-effects and serious health problems. Every person reacts to these pills individually, if you have any health problems, immediately stop E/C/A Stack program and consult your GP. We believe that E/C/A Stack will help you get rid of undesirable kilos and have the body of your dream. So don't wait and get started!