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Ephedra Products

Stimerex-ES The new Stimerex-ES formula with 25mg of ephedra alkaloids extracted from leaves for effective weight-loss and energy.
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Ripped Power Ripped Power will help you get that Ripped look you've been looking for. Ripped Power's potent Ephedra based fat burning combination contains L-Carnitine to help you body convert fat to energy and chromium picolinate to help with the metabolism of sugar. It also contains Chromium Picolinate which enables insulin to function normally and helps the body process (metabolize) carbohydrates and fats. Ripped Power brings back the famous Ephedra formulation that helped thousands achieve that ripped look in the gym...
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Metabothin B56 If you want a highly effective Ephedra supplement to help your battle with weight loss, Metabothin B56 is the answer to your troubles.

Metabothin is an herbal formula designed for optimal diet & energy. This proven formulation consists of high quality, natural herbs grown worldwide...
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Fat Burners and Ephedra

Ephedra refers to several related species of herbs that commonly grow in desert areas. Biochemists discovered that the Ephedra plant was rich in ephedrine, and also contained pseudoephedrine. Scientists had previously observed the ability of alkaloids, such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, to act as a stimulant. This herb is grown in Mongolia and China and acts as a natural amphetamine, stimulating the heart and central nervous system. The main chemical compound in Ephedra is ephedrine and it was isolated about 100 years ago. Chinese Ephedra or Ma Huang is a powerful herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for at least 5.000 years. burner." The Chinese had used the medicine from the Ephedra plant to treat individuals suffering from asthma and hay fever. The Ephedra plant helped to open the bronchial passages in the Chinese inflicted with those then little-understood allergies.

The information about the healing powers of Ephedra did not disappear totally from view. It remained intact, though hidden, in those places most accessible to men with inquiring minds. Eventually, one man with an inquiring mind discovered that buried information. He wanted to find out for himself whether or not what the ancients had reported happened to be true.

By the early 1990's a product named Ephedra had appeared on the shelves in many health food stores. It was not a drug; it was considered a supplement. That new product, sold under the name "Ephedra," enjoyed widespread use. Many dieters added the taking of Ephedra to their dieting routine. Nowadays, top fat burners contain ephedra as a main ingredient. Ephedra Diet Pills effect rely on the presence of stimulants to raise the body metabolism. Ephedra works as a stimulant, but it proved to have too strong an effect on some people. These ephedra alkaloids stimulate the central nervous system by interacting with neurotransmitter receptors which delate bronchial tubes, elevate blood pressure, and increase heart rate. Because these processes increase thermogenesis product that increases your metabolism and stimulates weight loss as well. In dietary supplements, Ephedra is often combine with caffeine, guarana, and other ingredients to improve it's effectiveness.

When Ephedra stimulated the systems in the human body, several different physiological changes took place. The person's heart rate increased. The person's blood vessels became constricted. The person's bronchial tubes expanded, giving them a larger circumference. When used with another stimulant, such as caffeine, Ephedra could produce a very high level of stimulation.

Top fat burners containing ephedra Lipodrene, Stimerex-es, Superdrine RX-10, Ripped Power, Metabadrine, Hydroxytrol and many others.

Products with Ephedra Side effects and Warnings

While the FDA did manage to temporarily halt the sale of Ephedra for three USA states (California, Illinois , and New York) any products containing ephedra are banned at Canada. The widespread use of Ephedra had allowed the public to witness, first -hand, its ability to help with weight loss. The fact that Ephedra had been an effective diet aid made it difficult to enforce any ban on the sale of Ephedra.

Some people pointed to the combined use of Ephedra and other stimulants and cautioned against sale of Ephedra. Other people claimed that the harmful side effects experienced by Ephedra users had been due to the ingestion of both Ephedra and a second stimulant. As the controversy raged on, exact data remained hard to find. The uncertainty seemed to leave each person with the right to his or her own opinion.

Ephedra's side effects may be even more pronounced in people with anxiety and restlessness, impaired circulation, prostate adenoma, high blood pressure, pheochromocytoma, glaucoma, and thyrotoxicosis.

Choose ephedra products with care. Make sure that you are not paying for extra ingredients and that you are receiving the proper ratio of active alkaloids and caffeine. Always check with your physician prior to taking any ephedra product. When considering product with ephedra (Ma Huang) or Ephedrine, remember that, at best, you will lose 1/3 additional pounds of fat per week.

Anyone who has a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, taking MAO inhibitors, severe anxiety, seizure disorder, pregnant or nursing, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, sensitive to caffeine, peptic ulcer, stroke, psychiatric disorders, angina, depression or prescription medications should not take ephedra without first consulting a physician.

Does Ephedra Banned?

On April 14, 2005, a federal court in Salt Lake City recently limited the scope of a year old Food and Drug Administration's, so Final Rule banning the sale of weight loss products containing Ephedra (Ma Huang) or Ephedrine Alkaloid was removed. Nevertheless some states still have laws in place that ban or regulate ephedrine alkaloid containing dietary supplement products. The ruling has no effect on the laws of three USA states: California, Illinois, and New York, that had banned all fat burning supplements containing Ephedra, because FDA might be able to appeal this court order and try to reverse the decision.

This Federal Court decision and order means that companies produces Ephedra products can legally sell their low-dose ephedra product.

The FDA ban was inconsistent, and makes a confusing situation. Due to the lobbying power of the pharmaceutical industry, ephedra for weight loss is banned, but ephedrine (the active principle in ephedra) is not banned for other uses and can be purchased in online any drug store. The brands Vasopro (25mg Ephedrine HCl), Primatene(10mg epinephrine), and Bronkaid (25mg ephedrine sulfate) are generally sold as asthma treatments!

The FDA's decision to ban ephedrine alkaloids was overkill, and not grounded in either science or common sense. It is lack of logic to ban the herbal form for dieters but allow ephedrine to be sold for healing asthma and hay fever.